Gage Makes Me Brave

Told by: Jennifer

“I am sorry but your baby no longer has a heartbeat.” At 15 weeks pregnant, I was shocked to hear those words. I had three previous pregnancies that resulted in healthy full term babies. Crying, I was led into a room for privacy. I called my husband and he said he would be there with our three children. We were told that we were going to have an artificial induction where I would go into labor and vaginally deliver my baby. We were scared because I had previously only had C-sections but the doctor said surgery was too risky for me. On that following Wednesday morning, I checked into the hospital with my husband. It took 34 hours, medicine and a balloon in my cervix but we finally had our son. He weighed 2.2 oz and was 5 1/2 in. He was so tiny but beautifully and perfectly formed. Today is one week. We buried him with his papaw untill I get my own plot. I will always miss and love my sweet baby. In memory of Gage Guerrero. 7-26-12

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