Business Cards

If you would like to help spread the word to your local prenatal care provider about the importance of stillbirthday, you can print our informational letter to present to your medical or prenatal care facility; please also consider more ways to help Spread the Word.

If you are an official representative of your company or business, and would like to request stillbirthday business cards to have available for your patients or clients, please fill out the form below, and the first shipment of 5 cards will be sent to your facility.  If you are requesting a subsequent shipment, please include the number of cards your facility will need.

Our business cards are folded style, with information about our support inside the card.

The suggested price is $10.00 for an order of 200 cards, but any amount would be tremenously appreciated, to ensure support is given to families experiencing loss.  This should be considered a voluntary payment to Christian Childbirth Services LLC for the purchase of these business cards, and is neither required for you to receive an order, nor is it tax-deductible.  Your generous support is extremely appreciated.

Alternatively, you can print out our brochure here:

3 Responses to Business Cards

  1. Jennifer Kilpatrick says:

    Oh my goodness. I am crying so much. I needed this website more than you could ever know. I am 14 weeks along, in my first pregnancy, and am having a miscarriage. It is so……devastating. All I could find before this website was statistics. There is no comfort in statistics….there are no answers there. I needed this website and I imagine will continue to need it for the next several days. I am going to have my husband look at it and print out the home birth plan and the hospital birth plan as well, so we can decide where to go from here. Thank you for this place.

  2. Melissa says:

    I have had two miscarriages. The first one was last year, and the second, was just a week ago. The difference between the two: how prepared I was, emotionally and physically, how I interpreted the experiences, was totally different. In the first, I felt like my body had to remove unwanted dead tissue. In the second, I actually felt like I gave birth, both emotionally and physically. I gave birth! My precious babies, I miss them both. But I know that even this grieving process is much different, because from the beginning, I have felt so……accepted, and not ashamed or guilty or angry. And I can tell you it’s definately in large part to this website. The difference is HUGE!

    Thank you so much for this website. My favorite part was the birth plan that I could actually take with me. Who would have thought a miscarriage could have a real birth plan? Boy, I sure wish you were around for me for my first miscarriage.

  3. Hi,

    What a fabulous website!! I was directed to this through a comment made to me via Twitter.

    Four years ago, between our third and fourth miscariage, i started a ministry for others experiencing fertility issues or miscarriage.

    I recently published my first book – A Common Thread; 16 personal accounts of faith, fertility issues and miscarriage (which is available through Barnes & Noble Nook,

    I just wanted to connect with you and the wonderful work you are doing.

    Thank you,
    Catherine Sylvester

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