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Forever in Our Hearts

Told by: Robin I was walking through the cemetery near my home in Kentucky recently and saw the tombstone of a child who was born and died on the same day. There was a stuffed Valentine’s Day bear sitting beside the … Continue reading

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Through the Tears – Through the Years

Told by: Carla A couple weeks ago I received a newsletter in the mail with an article about a new support group in my hometown area designed for people who have lost babies. My 87-year-old aunt sent it to me … Continue reading

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This is My Farewell

Told by: Lynne My first child was a twin. I didn’t find that our for many years–31 to be exact. I bled the first few months I knew I was pregnant. I didn’t think much about as my mother bled … Continue reading

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God’s Timing

Told by: Annamarie I was just looking at the photos in the photo section of stillbirthday, after I saw another article on stillbirth photography – I always thought I had a miscarriage but no one could answer my question – this … Continue reading

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My First Sweet Pea

Told by: Karen My first baby was Julianna Beth. I carried her close to my heart for 10 months….was in labor for almost a full month (this was in 1978), the doctors said that I didn’t know when I got pregnant (I was … Continue reading

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