Types of Pregnancy Loss

This page will explain some of the pregnancy loss terms used by medical staff, and will link into the common birth methods that may be suggested to you, based on the kind of pregnancy loss you are experiencing (these terms are listed in near-chronological order of pregnancy loss).  If this is overwhelming and you don’t remember what your doctor told you, you may want to start with this link: I’m having a miscarriage.

Chemical Pregnancy (miscarriage prior to ultrasound)

Blighted Ovum

Ectopic Pregnancy

Molar Pregnancy

Threatened Miscarriage

Inevitable (or Incomplete) Miscarriage

Missed Miscarriage (or “Silent Miscarriage”)

Complete Miscarriage

Live Miscarriage

Vanishing Twin

Twins or More

Recurrent Miscarriage (including fertility/parenting options)

Elective Abortion


Neonatal Death (including difficult or fatal diagnosis in pregnancy)

Pregnancy Loss after Medically Assisted Conception (or grief after ART)

Getting Pregnant Again

Ending Fertility With a Loss

2 Responses to Types of Pregnancy Loss

  1. octavia256 says:

    Hello everyone I just suffered from a stillborn on 27th of June 2012 at 510 a.m I was having a boy name Jefte Sanon Jr. on September 23rd…. I lost my baby on 27th I was having pain that whole week in and out the hospital from 19 thru 21st complaining about back pains and stomach pains which I knew something wasn’t right every time I go they say I’m ok and I know in my heart I am not so I went to doctor on 19th they say the baby was low but it could be due to the pregnancies I had he say if pain continue go to the ER so I went the day after because pain was still coming when I went to ER they say baby was low and the heart beat was not as strong so they sent me home that I don’t understand til this day they put me on bed rest . Thru out the weekend I was having pain so I had a doctors apt on tuesday 26th I found out they didnt hear no heartbeat OMG I was so hurt and speechless all I was thinking was why this happened the doctor say I got to send you down to labor and deliver to deliver the baby so hours later I pushed him out on my own doctor wasnt there my boyfriend seen the whole thing eventually the nurse came in and seen him between my legs so they took him and when I first seen him he looked like he been dead inside me a pic of him in my head I couldnt ever forget when I first seen him….. My life have changed ever since that I held Jefte Sanon from when I had him til it was time to take him and my heart been incomplete every since I never experience stillbirth before but I see this is something that hurts a mother very bad its like we scard for life I have pics and keepsake things of him soon I will find out what his autopsy say because I need to know WHY…..

  2. jennifer cereceres says:

    I feel your pain Octavia. I just lost my son at 15 weeks of pregnancy and I wonder why every day. Why did his heart stop beating? Why after three healthy full term babies did this last one not make it? Why? Why?! Why do people who mistreat their children and are pregnant at the same time as you get to keep their baby? I would never wish anyone else this misery and pain but you wonder why. 😥 My sons name was Gage Guerrero Cereceres. Email me anytime @jennifercereceres@rocketmail.com. God bless you!

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