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For moms who lost their babies at 17 weeks.

Sleeping in my Hands

Told by: Emily June 9 2012 we were 17weeks 4 days. Every morning I would get up bright and early, at 5 am and enjoy a coffee and play with our very active little baby inside me.  Baby would kick and roll … Continue reading

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Blessed to be His Vessel

Told by: Tara Aemon Joseph born 2-28-12 at 6:07 pm weighed 3.2 oz length 16 cm or 6 1/4 inches Died at 15w3d, born at 16w6d This is my fourth loss. This is also my second loss in the 2nd … Continue reading

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My Three Perfect Ones

Told by: Lauz It started in June 2010, when I found out that I was pregnant. It wasn’t planned but I was happy about it.  Then on November 18th 2010 I went to the loo and I was bleeding heavily and my waters broke.  I went to … Continue reading

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I Loved You No Matter What

[Site Creator’s Note: all stories at stillbirthday are valuable and important.  Each reveals a mothers pain and hope.  Stories categorized as “loss after rape” have additional pain and likely involve additional, graphic content.  This story, shared by a loss mother, … Continue reading

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Something Wasn’t Right

Told by: Patricia I had a miscarriage- still birth at 18 weeks. My pregnancy had been going okay with no complications. A scan showed a healthy active baby. I thought all was going well. In hindsight I noticed I had moments … Continue reading

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My Adam

Told by: Tara Adam James Born sleeping on 6-9-08. 1.1 oz, 13 cm long. Here is his story: This pregnancy had been going very well until my 16 week checkup. My OB couldn’t find a heartbeat. Not again. I was … Continue reading

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17 Weeks My Story

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