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For friends and family of the parents to share their stories.


On the hot summer night of June 7, several years ago, a woman began to labor her child, her daughter.  The father of the child lay asleep in the bedroom, after leaving stern instruction not to be awakened unless the birth … Continue reading

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Forever in Our Hearts

Told by: Robin I was walking through the cemetery near my home in Kentucky recently and saw the tombstone of a child who was born and died on the same day. There was a stuffed Valentine’s Day bear sitting beside the … Continue reading

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I Carry You With Me

Told by: Lindsay Grief, an incredibly heavy word that means something different to everyone it touches.  People push it away, tamp it down, hide from it, or lose themselves in it.  I carry the ones I’ve lost close, tucked away … Continue reading

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Miscarriage Wars

Told by: Lisa A message to moms, friends of moms, doulas, and midwives: On January 1st 2009 there was a fire. My best friend, Melody and I spotted it behind her house as we were watching the fireworks from our … Continue reading

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From Jennifer

My good (maybe best? I dunno, I have to check with her on that!) friend Crystal delivered her beautiful 7lb, 9oz, 20 in., baby boy on Tuesday afternoon. He and baby BJB will be about 3 weeks apart. When he … Continue reading

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