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This section provides information to the general public regarding pregnancy and infant loss.

Rainbows in the Marketplace

Many pregnancy loss families consider a subsequent pregnancy, one following a loss, to be called a “rainbow” pregnancy. But loss families are the only ones. Oreo is the latest company to use the rainbow in their corporate support of homosexuality … Continue reading

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Unsubscribe Baby Mail

After a pregnancy loss or infant death, it can be very frustrating to continue to receive promotional coupons and information for baby related items through your mail, or to receive baby or pregnancy related emails in your inbox, or to have milestone … Continue reading

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Support for Home Stillbirth

Mothers of pregnancy losses make up a demographic that is largely misunderstood and as a consequence, poorly supported. Within this demographic, are different, smaller groups.  These groups have some very important things in common, but there are very important distinctions … Continue reading

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We Want to see You, Grayson

Heather discovered in her 16th week of pregnancy that her son, Grayson, had Anencephaly. Her providers gave her the option to terminate the pregnancy, but she and her husband prayerfully decided to continue with the pregnancy.  Heather says, “My husband … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Loss Support Survey

Pregnancy and infant loss mothers, stillbirthday wants your feedback. May is Pregnancy Awareness Month here in the US, and so we here at stillbirthday would like to know, what have been the best – and worst – pregnancy resources that … Continue reading

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Tips to Talking about It

A full term pregnancy lasts approximately 280 days. Childbirth, for a first time mother, lasts approximately 24-36 hours.  It lasts even less for subsequent births. Breastfeeding lasts approximately 3 years per child at the outmost, but studies continue to show … Continue reading

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Poor Prenatal Preparation

What is a pregnancy loss? “Miscarriages are labor, miscarriages are birth.  To consider them less dishonors the woman whose womb has held life, however briefly.” ~Kathryn Miller Ridiman, Midwifery Today 1997 The actual loss that a family experiences when it … Continue reading

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More Than a Period

The smallest person ever to be born was just about the size of a period at the end of a sentance  Amazing, isn’t it?  And yet he received no accolades, no newspaper headlines, no spot in the Guinness World Records  … Continue reading

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Bereavement Doulas

***NEW!  The Registration is NOW OPEN!*** In honor of World Doula Week, stillbirthday has an exciting announcement!  And a giveaway! First of all, what is a doula? Doula is a Greek word, which dates back to biblical usage.  According to … Continue reading

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Public Displays of Affliction

I recently read an extremely biased and negative article regarding public grieving.  In this article, the author made it clear that her view is that all public grieving is disturbing.  Because I do not want to promote this distasteful, uneducated article, I … Continue reading

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