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For late miscarried babies and all stillborn babies born at home, including those planned on being born at home, transferred to hospital at any point, and those who died during homebirth or shortly after.

Support for Home Stillbirth

Mothers of pregnancy losses make up a demographic that is largely misunderstood and as a consequence, poorly supported. Within this demographic, are different, smaller groups.  These groups have some very important things in common, but there are very important distinctions … Continue reading

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Delivered into the Light

[Site Creator’s Note: this story was originally written April 1, 2009.] Told by: Inanna William would have been a week old today if he’d been alive the day I pushed him into the world. My due date. We’d been anticipating … Continue reading

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Beautiful Just the Same

Told by: Halo in January 2002–can it really be so long ago?–we decided to start our family. we had been married almost 7 years. we owned a house. my husband had a good job and prospects were good that he’d be able … Continue reading

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Charity Promise

[Site Creator’s Note: this is a compilation of posts clipped together] Told by: Amy One of our precious babies has a life threatening birth defect. We are faced now with planning a birth and funeral, all at the same time. … Continue reading

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40 Weeks My Story

(go back to 40 weeks) Told by: Liz Birth of Aquila Jade Paparella- (written to my baby girl) Dec 19th 2009 Day of the 18th- overdue and hurting..had so many rounds of \“false” labor. Take castor oil. Get the runs, … Continue reading

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36 Weeks My Story

(go back to 36 weeks) Told by: Bambi On June 4th 2008 I began laboring. I had already been having contractions for 6 days! Two weeks prior I had begun losing my plug, my body was cleaning itself out, and … Continue reading

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