Stillbirthday Cakes

Have your baby’s name frosted onto an Angel food cake.

A pregnancy loss is still a birth – and is still a birthday.

We parents still revisit the special, tragic day our baby was born, whether they died before or after birth.  An “Angel” food cake with the zero candle honors the reality of our children.

After your baby’s stillbirthday cake is frosted and photographed, it will be donated to Alexandra’s House, a Perinatal Hospice facility (the families at Alexandra’s House are then able to refrost them and use them to honor their own children.  Learn more about the process of carrying to term with a fatal diagnosis, and about Alexandra’s House and their important program).  If you have stillbirthday siblings, you can recieve an additional photo of their cakes together.  Your photo will then be emailed to you.

Step One: Submit Information

Step Two: Submit Payment – $15.00 per cake

The Stillbirthday Cakes program is dedicated to Jan Evans, a very special woman who many of us girls in the orphanage knew as “The Cake Lady” for blessing us with our own cakes to frost.  Jan was born April 19, the same day as my miscarried baby.  Thank you Jan, for always finding me.  I know you’ve found my son, too.

3 Responses to Stillbirthday Cakes

  1. Cindy says:

    Beautiful idea!

  2. Elizabeth says:


  3. immigrationassist says:

    amazing idea! beautiful cakes…

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