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For all moms who lost their newborns, and all moms who lost their babies at any age from fatal diagnosis.

He Would be Sixteen

Told by: Caroline My son, Hale, was born on November 7, 1996. He weighed 2 1/4 lbs. We were in a rural hospital and he didn’t survive. He lived for one hour and died in my arms. I was diagnosed … Continue reading

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Show Me Heaven

Told by: Jen Jennyfur Angel, Due June 8th, 2002, Grew Wings December 26th, 2001 Glory Michelle august 17,2009 Baby Bean, September 10th, 2010 8.3weeks Sweet Baby Cantrell Jan 21,2011 (ectopic at 5 weeks) Poppy Feb 15, 2012 (ectopic at 4 … Continue reading

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Forever in Our Hearts

Told by: Robin I was walking through the cemetery near my home in Kentucky recently and saw the tombstone of a child who was born and died on the same day. There was a stuffed Valentine’s Day bear sitting beside the … Continue reading

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Jared’s Chair

Told by: Gina I’m sharing my story as part of my healing process. I delivered my still born baby, Simon Jared just this April 20, 2012. Just two weeks ago. I was on my 32nd week when I was advised … Continue reading

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Jehovah Saves

Told by: Cory We found out in June of 2011 that we were pregnant, and were so excited as the anticipation to be parents had been turning in us for quite some time. It was a pretty routine pregnancy and … Continue reading

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The Birth of Avelyn Joy

Told by: Kate On January 20th, 2012, I went in to my regular monthly check up with my OB. A month earlier I had had my first visit- I was 9 weeks along at that time with our second child. … Continue reading

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Hello and Goodbye

Told by: Claire On Friday 25th November 2011, my baby girl Keira Kate was born and died. She was 21 weeks. We had found out a month before that our baby had a severe and complex heart defect that she … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Joy

Told by: Teresia On Wednesday March 26th, 2009 we found out that our baby daughter was fatally sick. They found a cystic hygroma which was what looked like two fluid filled sacks on the back of her neck. They also … Continue reading

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My Brave Little Man

Told by: Samantha My husband and I found out that I was pregnant and we were so very happy! Our first little bundle of joy…sadly that all changed on October 4th 2010. I was 28 weeks and going into labour! I thought this couldn’t … Continue reading

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My Sweet Ocean Baby

Told by: Calypso’s Mom At 9 weeks I started bleeding and they swore up and down I was losing the baby….. I didn’t. We breezed through the next few weeks easily until 18 weeks. I had been spotting. Went in … Continue reading

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