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For moms who lost their babies at 18 weeks.

Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Told by: Heather “I should’ve rested more.” I could’ve eaten better.” ” Would this have happened if I wasn’t trying to do so much?” Do these questions do any good? No. I preach this stuff to my clients, but I … Continue reading

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Missing His Sister

Told by: Lauren My husband and I went to a fertility specialist after two years of having trouble conceiving a child. We got pregnant on our second round of clomid with twins. We were so excited. During the first 14 … Continue reading

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Zoe Elizabeth

Told by: Hope ~Zoe Elizabeth ~ no heartbeat at 19 wks 5 days (March 21, 2007); born still 20 wks 5 days (March 28, 2007). Zoe is Greek for “abundant life.” Elizabeth is the name of her paternal great grandmother. … Continue reading

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Still Holding Hope

Told by: Miranda When I finally became pregnant my partner and I were ecstatic. We had lost our son at 18 weeks stillborn due to a genetic condition my partner has. So when AI (Artificial Insemination) finally worked with me … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Joy

Told by: Teresia On Wednesday March 26th, 2009 we found out that our baby daughter was fatally sick. They found a cystic hygroma which was what looked like two fluid filled sacks on the back of her neck. They also … Continue reading

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Something Wasn’t Right

Told by: Patricia I had a miscarriage- still birth at 18 weeks. My pregnancy had been going okay with no complications. A scan showed a healthy active baby. I thought all was going well. In hindsight I noticed I had moments … Continue reading

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Meeting Tennesee

Told by: Ashley To say I was shocked when I found out I was pregnant is a major understatement. I had a boyfriend of 3 months and we were both Active Duty Air Force. This baby was an absolute miracle … Continue reading

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My Second Child, My Second Chance

Told by: Michelle I’m 41 now.  Married almost for 2 years to my 2nd husband that has never had children.  I do have a 21 year old son from before though.   The crazy thought kicked in my head and soon … Continue reading

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Told by: Elizabeth We were married in May. We found out a month later that we’d gotten pregnant almost immediately after marriage. This would be his sixth, my/our third. Wasn’t planned at all. In fact, had been prevented from happening … Continue reading

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18 Weeks My Story

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