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For moms who lost their babies at any time after utilizing medical assistance for conception.

Missing His Sister

Told by: Lauren My husband and I went to a fertility specialist after two years of having trouble conceiving a child. We got pregnant on our second round of clomid with twins. We were so excited. During the first 14 … Continue reading

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Still Holding Hope

Told by: Miranda When I finally became pregnant my partner and I were ecstatic. We had lost our son at 18 weeks stillborn due to a genetic condition my partner has. So when AI (Artificial Insemination) finally worked with me … Continue reading

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The Endurance of Love

Told by: Michelle When my husband and I┬ádecided to start trying for a baby, we had no idea what we were in for. Having been diagnosed with PCOS after a long period of illness, we understood we would need reproductive … Continue reading

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Loss and Blessings

Told by: Laura I was trying to comfort someone through a loss recently. She is a friend of a friend, so she didn’t fully understand my losses. My friend had no experience in the matter and sent her to me … Continue reading

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