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A collection of stories as they pertain to holidays.

Some Dads Don’t

Some dads make sure their employer knows well in advance that they want to be off work the weekend of the third Sunday of June. If they can’t get it off, they’ll plan on calling in sick. They pack in … Continue reading

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On the hot summer night of June 7, several years ago, a woman began to labor her child, her daughter.  The father of the child lay asleep in the bedroom, after leaving stern instruction not to be awakened unless the birth … Continue reading

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Meaning of Mother’s Day

{Site Creator’s note: this was shared at our Facebook page, and it got such an enormous response that I am sharing this here, exactly as it was passed on to me.} Real Meaning of Mothers Day By: ~Kara L.C. Jones~ … Continue reading

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Flowers From School

written in honor of Bereaved Mother’s Day – May 6 She would be six years old. Her mother would be waking early in the morning, to pack her a lunch and place her items carefully in a brown paper bag, … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the End

This is my first Christmas after my miscarried baby was born.  These are my (somewhat scattered) thoughts: I reflect on the way I was treated.  The way the doctor grabbed me by my shoulders, and told me that “we need … Continue reading

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