List Your Services

Here is a list of services that would benefit a bereaved family experiencing pregnancy or infant loss:

  • Doula Support :Please see How to be a miscarriage doula for a quick description, and plan to order the Pregnancy Loss Doula Handbook.  You will not be listed with us until you have read and agree to the Principles of Service.  Please also consider taking our Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula training!  Click the link for updates.
  • Photography
  • Planner/Coordinator (especially of farewell celebrations)
  • Mentorship :Please see our article on the Mentorship Program, which includes how to be a Pregnancy Loss Mentor.  This is the newest program of stillbirthday, and allows for loss moms and dads to have a one-on-one relationship with a newly bereaved parent of the same gender.
  • Long Term Resources (groups, organizations)
  • If you have a talent at making a special craft or item for sale
  • Other

If you can provide these or any services, please click the link below:

List Your Services

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