Prayer Wall

Here is a place for us to encourage one another with the prayers we have.  Be encouraged to pray for:

  • your spouse and his/her grieving experience
  • protection over your marriage
  • yourself as you grieve
  • your fertility
  • your surviving and/or subsequent children as they grieve
  • your surviving and/or subsequent children’s future fertility
  • cultural/societal/national/global response to loss

Just leave a comment below, sharing what your prayers are.  Let’s build a strong and mighty prayer wall together!


3 Responses to Prayer Wall

  1. amy says:

    That God will bring me healing and peace from my pain and loss so that I am able to better help this other young loss mom who is really struggling. That God will help me learn what Im suppose to from my nightmares so that they can go away.

  2. Heidi Faith says:

    I pray God would continue to strengthen my marriage. My man is my continual rock – my “Jesus in the flesh”, and I pray over him and his healing journey. I pray for my own personal development. I also pray for each of my children, and their future fertility, and that of my future children-in-law as well, as praying over each of their salvations.

    Additionally, I pray continually over stillbirthday, that each person led here will leave with something meaningful and helpful. I pray thanksgiving and protection over each person who shares here, through their stories, photos, participating in one of our programs, or any other means. With any good thing that validates life or offers hope and healing, there are going to be attacks from the enemy. I pray that each of those attacks are thwarted, and that those involved are led to the Truth of God’s love. I pray stillbirthday will outlast me and carry forth even long after I join my miscarried son in eternity, but after each of my other children enter eternity as well.

  3. Amy Smith says:

    That I will not continue to feel so very alone. I hurt so much from soooo many things!!!

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