God’s Timing

Told by: Annamarie

I was just looking at the photos in the photo section of stillbirthday, after I saw another article on stillbirth photography – I always thought I had a miscarriage but no one could answer my question – this was about 22 years ago – the 8 week photo was very similar and there were 2 (twins) – I thought I was having my period; I was always late, so that was nothing new, and had very heavy pressure which wasn’t like something I’d ever had.  I’m glad I found stillbirthday and now I know.  I don’t know the gender of my twins, but am claiming a boy and a girl in my heart.  And, I am so blessed to have my son Gregory – 21 years old in March.

I am at peace knowing – it was my time to know – was a really long time ago – I wasn’t saved until 2006 so not understanding God’s will and His plan — looking back I can see things – amazing how that happens.  I have my Gregory and he is my reward. Interesting how I was drawn to your site and it was just yesterday I looked at the photos. God is something alright!

The wonders of the Internet and being able to have support at your fingertips – back then I didn’t have all that – when my son was ill for several years there was no net to type in symptoms and get suggestions to ask the doctor – no access to a site like yours to settle a scared woman not knowing what was going on, and from a family that didn’t discuss things. Newer generations have no clue how blessed they are!

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2 Responses to God’s Timing

  1. Tara Withey says:

    That 8 week photo is my daughter, Addison. We know she is a girl because we had genetic testing done. Amazing what technology can do these days! She was born on October 24, 2008. She was my 6th child, but my 3rd to enter heaven. I was skeptical of allowing Heidi to post pictures of my children on this site (adam is the other, born at 17 weeks, died between 14 and 15) because there are some real sickos out there that could abuse my sacred childrens photos. What drove me to post them anyway, is that when I had lost them, I desperately scoured the internet looking for photos of miscarried babies so I knew what to expect and found few that answered my questions. I prayed that by posting them, they might bring peace to a fearful mother and speak volumes to hurting hearts. I am touched that her photo brought you a sense of peace. His timing is perfect! Blessings to you, sister, and thank you for touching my heart today.

    • Annamarie Longfellow says:

      Tears! Your photo blessed me! Two decades of wondering – as with everything precious – there are people who try to turn light into dark – we have to kee our prayers up and constant to change their hearts – thanks do much for photo and sharing trout heart with me today. Blessings, aL

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