Told by: Brandi

I am a single Graduate student who found out about my pregnancy at the emergency room. I went to the hospital emergency room because I was in severe pain. Then I soon learned that I had an ectopic prenancy. At the time of the announcement I thought I was okay with the idea that I could not fulfill my pregnancy due to the medical condition I was in. Two months after my recovery and returning to work and school the grief of my loss hit me hard. This website is a blessing to me as it is a gateway to my healing. As I searched through this site I felt inspired to write a poem to my baby I lost.


At the announcing of your existence shock filled the room

Next I was notified that you can’t stay and surgery will be soon

My eyes met with loved ones who offered their support and sympathy

While our family arrived to the scene and I announced that you are leaving me

After the surgery and recovery I sat alone thinking about where you went

I longed for the chance to meet you but in reality this was never meant

I let go of you but keep you in my heart

Now I realize that we will never be apart

I trust Gods will for my life

So the next time this happens, I’ll be someone’s wife

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One Response to You

  1. Kristin Corder says:

    My best friend had severe pain and got rushed to the hospital. She had an etopic pregnancy. She’s since had another. I’m so sorry.

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