Alabama Love Cupboard

The following volunteers run Love Cupboards in your state.  Please contact them to participate in our Love Cupboard clothing project and to receive a care package of newborn clothing and/or items.

If you are interested in contributing maternity clothing, newborn clothing or other newborn items, please see our Love Cupboard main page for contribution information, and contribute directly to any of the following volunteers:

  • There are currently no Love Cupboards in this state.  Be the first to start one!  It’s easy!  Please see the Love Cupboard main page for details.

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One Response to Alabama Love Cupboard

  1. Paul says:

    The name ‘Alabama Love Cupboard’ is what brought me here, I’m definitely naming my first album that. Just need to learn how to write music… Its a brilliant cause what you are doing though, I don’t know to much about this but it sounds fantastic and I’m sure a lot of people are benefiting from this. a very Well done to you Sir/Mrs/Miss/Misses!

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