Question Ten

The most difficult – and the most rewarding – aspects of my experience have been ________. (this is a two part question)


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3 Responses to Question Ten

  1. Teresia Mitchell says:

    most difficult was seeing my other children grieve! most rewarding has been seeing the Lord use my babies short lives to touch others who are experiencing loss.

  2. Sigrid says:

    Most difficult was the lack of respect for my baby’s body at the hospital and the insensitive remarks that I received there. I was at my most vulnerable, and I was made to feel defensive and on edge. The most rewarding? Being able to use my experiences to bring hope to other families (I work in maternity and have been able to listen to/support other bereaved parents).

  3. Maggie Kuttner says:

    the most difficult was physically giving birth. the second she came out, I immediately felt empty, but I knew she wouldn’t suffer anymore. The most rewarding was holding my daughter and telling her how much i loved her and that she would no longer suffer.

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