My First Sweet Pea

Told by: Karen

My first baby was Julianna Beth. I carried her close to my heart for 10 months….was in labor for almost a full month (this was in 1978), the doctors said that I didn’t know when I got pregnant (I was 16), but I did know.  The thing none of us knew was the fact that the pelvic bones that are supposed to seperate for birth , were fused together. My precious baby was delivered by c-section on June 26, 1978.  She only weighed 5lb 13oz. and this is why the doctors said that they didn’t think at the time that I was trying to deliver…..

God blessed me with the faith to know that one day , in Heaven, I will be able to hold my baby again…

I was blessed with 3 more children after the stillbirth, and now have 9 beautiful grandchildren, one that is named after my beautiful Julianna.  I always say that I have 4 children, because I do, and I don’t know if other mothers that have lost babies do this or not, but, I have always compared the same age children to her….what would she look like now…..etc.

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One Response to My First Sweet Pea

  1. sarah says:

    I struggle with the desire to list ALL my children as well. When I’m asked how many I have, I want to say 10 or 12, I’m not sure exactly. LOL I don’t think that answer would go over to well. So I usually just say four living.

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