Our Rebecca Rhema

Told by: Amanda

My second pregnancy. I was filled with hope. excitement. joy. At five weeks I found out we were expecting a precious little one. At the end of the week I began to bleed. I couldn’t believe it. Not a second time. The joy we had had a the beginning of the week was gone. I labored through the night and birthed our little one the next day. We named her Rebecca Rhema. I was devastated, losing one child is a shock but two,… two was really hard. I battled depression, I wasn’t sure that I could handle being pregnant again because of the pain of loss. I felt like a failure. A failure as a woman because I couldn’t keep my babies to term. Because I was supposed to be able to have children and I couldn’t. I took these feelings and mindsets to Jesus Christ and He spoke a rhema word of life to my heart – that one of the things He created me to be is a mother. That I will be a mother to many people like Rebecca was.

You can read about Rebecca’s big brother here: Our Jerusalem Eden

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