Our Jerusalem Eden

Told by: Amanda

I was pregnant with our first child. I was sooo excited! I was scheuled to have our first ultra sound and to hear the heartbeat in a week (I was 14 weeks) then I started spotting. I called the doctor’s office and they said that I should rest and then come in the next day for a sonogram. That’s exactly what we did. I arrived at the doctor’s office for the sonogram before my husband arrived from his workplace. They wanted to have me go for the sonogram without him but I insisted on waiting for him. When he arrived we went in and the first time we saw our baby there was no movement, no heartbeat. They suggested a D&C and we said no so they sent us home and told me that it would be like a bad period. It was nothing like a bad period… it was a birth. I had contractions the next day and went for a few walks with my husband and then the next day as well until I didn’t want to go for any more walks and then labored, going through contraction after contraction not knowing that this was okay and normal, the contractions really escalated and became extremely painful (birth pains) and I started to freak out because I thought something had to be wrong if it was hurting this bad (because it was supposed to be like a “bad period”). I was in and out of our bath tub which was actually really relaxing. I delivered our baby in the tub. My husband took our little one who had apparently died several weeks before and wrapped him in a baby blanket we had been given. The one thing I regret was that I didn’t think to kiss him. I held him for I don’t know how long and then my husband and I just held eachother and wept. We named him Jerusalem Eden.

The story of Jerusalem’s little sister is here: Our Rebecca Rhema

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