Fighting for Jacobe

Told by: Angela

We lost our little Jacobe George on October 31st, 2009. He was approximately 15 weeks old. My husband and I were taking our 5 children trick or treating when I started to feel weak and got a headache. I walked home and my husband followed soon after. He dropped the kids off at a friends, and we went to the hospital. The hospital staff said that my cervix was open and there was nothing to be done. They sent us home directly after telling us this. Without information on anything, what could happen? what to expect? We stopped at the grocery store and I stayed in the car. Then I felt the worst cramping ever. Enough to make me cry out. We started the 1/2 hour drive home. About 10 minutes into the trip, it felt like a stretched elastic broke in my womb, and I started bleeding like crazy. I started crying and so did my husband. I birthed my baby right there in the car. We got home and my husband carried me to the bathroom and as I stood in the tub bleeding, I was petrified. My husband took off my soaked clothing and found our beautiful baby in the pile. I watched him gently take our child and place him safely in a box with a blanket. Still bleeding, he carried me to the bedroom. He phoned 911 and asked about the amount of bleeding. They asked how much, he said “every towel in the linen closet is soaked” so they came. The emergency staff at the hospital were okay, until they took my precious baby from me and told me I couldn’t have him back. My husband yelled and went down to the lab and got him himself. This was my child, they took him without permission. Why? no explanation was given to us. They couldn’t stop the bleeding, so they sent me by ambulance to a bigger hospital. The staff there were so busy, that I layed in a pool of my blood for hours and hours. Finally, they came and thought they would solve the bleeding issue, by scraping out my uterus, while I was awake. I was screaming, it hurt so much, it was excruciating. When it was over, they sent me home. I kept bleeding heavily for another four days. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom myself, I was so weak. I awoke on the 4th morning, having trouble breathing. My husband drove me to the hospital again, I had three blood transfusions and a D&C three days later. I suffered deep emotional and physical scarring from my miscarriage. I hope that my story will help others be informed about what can happen when you lose a child. We are healing still. I have since birthed a healthy baby boy almost a year to the day of losing Jacobe. We miss Jacobe every day, the children pray for him nightly and even leave a place for him at the table on his birthday. My angel in heaven, we miss you, see you soon! Mommy

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