Love for Logan

Told by: Sarah

The date was october 29th 2009. I was 36 weeks pregnant with my son Logan. The day started out completely normal i went to work and with about 1/2 hour left of my shift my lower back started to hurt. At the time i didn’t think much of it but now i realize that was the beginning. I got home from work and started making pasta for my fiance and I. the pain in my lower back kept getting worse so i called my doctor who told me it was probably false labor and to try a warm bath so I did. As more time passed it did not get any better and about 45 minutes later i looked down and there was blood in the bath water so I drained it and decided it was time to go but it was too late. I was unable to stand. I put my hand down and felt Logan crowning. My fiance then ran out of the room to call the ambulance while my sister called my parents. The ambulance arrived just after i had already delivered my son in my bathtub. I hated the sight of my little baby not breathing. He was so little and i couldn’t help him. I was then taken to the hospital where I was told that my child was gone. Unfortunately i had been taken to the maternity ward and I had to keep my door closed. I couldn’t stand the sound of the crying babies. The nurse asked if we wanted pictures which i decided to get after a little thought. Despite how difficult it was I’m glad I did. About a week later we had Logan cremated and had a small memorial service. I still can’t think about this without getting upset even though it’s been two years. I will always love you Logan.

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