Submission Information

General (stories, comments, photos, poems, etc.)

Stories and photos shared through stillbirthday are under the same copyright protection as everything else available throughout this site.  You may not copy stories or use photos without the written consent of both the site creator and the original donor of the photo or story.

Stories are shared from the broken hearts of loved ones of deceased babies.  Speaking through grief is a common theme.  Within each person’s unique grief, their story might contain sentiments of blame, guilt, shame, anger, despair, and hope.  These very real feelings are not edited out.

Each contributer receives a confirmation email from the site creator at the publishing of their story, to receive their personal URL to their story, and, when the site creator feels it could be warranted, a word of encouragement or direction may be offered.  When you receive your confirmation email, please keep track of your URL.  The site creator cannot keep track of the names of every story.

Stories are read by the site creator prior to publishing.  Editing is minimal and consists of occasionally changing an incorrect term to a correct one (for example, if the story says “DNC” I will change it to “D&C”), deleting the names of those people in the story who are not the author to protect their privacy (names of husbands are deleted and replaced with “my husband”), and some grammatical content may be adjusted.  The message of the story remains intact.  Additionally, names of providers or hospitals are deleted.  The site creator chooses a title for your story that has not already been used and that is as fitting as possible to your story.  If you have a title picked out, please include that in your story.  Links directing readers to your blog or website are also deleted; stillbirthday cannot endorse whatever a reader may happen to be led to through your blog – they may just happen to your site at a time that you have a negative, shocking, or hurtful article.  If you are interested in sharing your website or blog, you can comment on your own story after it is published.  You can also submit your information to our Bereavement Blog list (located at the main page, under the Club and Chat tab).

There is room for error in all editing and an occasional situation may slip past.

Comments contributed to this website, and to the stories, are edited for purpose; encouraging comments are always welcome, and those that suggest additional blame or accusation or in any other way present antagonism toward the grieving author of the story will not be published.

The site creator reserves the right to refrain from publishing any content.  Criminal activity will be reported.

Stillbirthday will never sell your private information to any third party.


Our giveaway opportunities are available for any reader who may apply to its content.  Please use a valid email address.  The winner is announced at the bottom of the article at the close of the giveaway opportunity, and an email attampt to contact the winner is sent.  After 20 days from the email date, if the winner does not respond, a new winner is selected.  Please look in your spam box.  You will need to provide a real mailing address.  Items are delivered as-is; if they are reviewed by the site creator the condition should be expected to be used, although every care is taken to maintain as new quality of the item.  Items are shipped in media mail when applicable, with no delivery insurance; neither the product owner/designer nor the site creator are responsible for lost or damaged items.  Stillbirthday will never sell your private information to any third party.

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