Announcements Regarding Giveaways

Do you have a special item that you’d like to offer as a giveaway, and recieve a published review from stillbirthday?  Please visit our sponsors page to see how you can obtain our “featured” badge!


  • Bereavement Doulas (March 18 – July 31)
  • A Letter from Heaven – children’s book (July)
  • Stillbirthday’s First Year – various items (August)
  • We Do Remember You – children’s book (September)
  • Jewelry by Jill – beautiful jewelry piece (September)
  • Jewelry by Jill – beautiful jewelry piece (October)
  • Post Loss Lactation/Donation Support (while supplies last)

Please read our information on participating in giveaways.

You can read about our previous giveaway opportunities below…. (all closed)

Calling All Doulas

Share Your Stories

Celebrating Pregnancy Blessingway (review and instructions)

Help Spread the Word

Blog Contest

How do You Remember?

Ignoring Our Embryos

Mission in Mourning

Bereavement Doulas

Post Loss Lactation/Donation Support

Stillbirthday’s First Year

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12 Responses to Announcements Regarding Giveaways

  1. OK, I told Nurse Family Partnership, 4 Bridge St., Towanda, PA 18848 and yes, we would like a few business cards (10?)

  2. And I told Karen Jones, CRNP of the OB dept at the Guthrie Clinic, 1 Guthrie Square, Sayre, PA 18848 I will let her know she needs to contact you if she wants business cards.

  3. I told Shellie Gerould, director of Endless Mountains Pregnancy Care Center, 13 State St. Towanda, Pa 18848

  4. I told Sharon Lowery, of Lowery Funeral Home, 225 S Main St, AThens, PA 18810

  5. I told DeDe Brown, pastor’s wife at Grace Baptist Church, East Smithfield Rd, Ulster, PA 18850

  6. I told Carol Keppler, school nurse, Canton Area School District, 139 E. Main St, Canton, PA 17724

  7. I told Caryn Peachey, pastor’s wife at Canton Mennonite Church, Union&Center Sts, Canton, PA 17724

  8. I told Judy Hess, director of our local GriefShare group. They don’t have an address, but they usually meet in the Canton Mennonite Church basement 🙂

  9. I advised Dawn Rogula, midwife, and let her know to visit your site and request cards if she like.

  10. I notified Samantha McCormick, midwife & owner of Baby Love Birth Center 3046 Del Prado Blvd., Ste. #2E, Cape Coral, FL 33904.

  11. I also seperately posted to Baby Love’s FB page to allow others the opportunity to check out the website or share with others.

  12. I have informed Akin Davis Funeral Homes about your site. Their address is 560 E. Hickpochee Ave., LaBelle, FL 33935-5072. They have 3 locations but this is the one closest to me.

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