Help Spread the Word

This opportunity involves helping to spread the word about this website.

The resources and places that need to know about stillbirthday include:

  • OBs
  • Ultrasound Techs (in doctor offices and in private practices, such as 3D and 4D facilities)
  • Nurses (in doctor offices, and in maternity units in hospitals)
  • Midwives/Birth Centers
  • Grief Counselors/Pastors
  • Radio Stations
  • Newspapers
  • Researchers in loss and/or grief

My goal is to not only have business cards that link to stillbirthday in ultrasound facilities, but to also have information about the website included in the “New Mom” packages and folders given to moms at their first appointments, as a way of offering support to their own friends who may be sharing a pregnancy but whose pregnancy ends in loss; this way pregnant moms can have something to offer to their friends experiencing loss (but also to have for themselves, just in case).

The nature of this website makes it important that moms find it at the time of their loss, to get the support they need.  It is extremely important to get the word out about this website for that reason.

So, here is the outline of the contest:

Your goal is to communicate with people listed above.  Ask them to consider sharing the website with their patients/clients.  There is a printable letter that you can use here at this site, by visiting the “Spread the Word” tab at the top of the page.

You can contact a facility by any medium: phone, email, or in person.  You should direct your conversation to someone specific, if you can.  General cut-and-paste Facebook comments to unrelated businesses won’t count.

Contact a facility, and then update me with who you have contacted.  You can comment here, directly to this article, or you can comment on our Facebook page, if you are there.  It doesn’t matter if someone else has already communicated with that facility about the website: everyone communicating will be counted (unless it becomes suspicious that someone may simply be copying others).

When you check back with me, leave some sort of confirming information about the facility: its address, phone number, email, website, point of contact, something.  I need to confirm that the place really exists.

If the facility is interested in sharing information about stillbirthday with their clients/patients, they can contact stillbirthday and I will ship them business cards to have on display.  Because of costs, I will only ship cards to businesses that have confirmed their interest in utilizing them.

For the contest, however, any facility you contact will be counted for your score.  Remember, this IS a contest!

Each place you contact and check back with me counts as 1 point.  The person who reaches 40 points first, can earn $40.  The contestants who earn runner up prizes will be listed according to who reached the highest amount of facilities after that.

Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, for listing your services, and for helping to support this site.  By doing so, you are supporting other mothers experiencing pregnancy loss, which is a tremendous, extremely needed service.  Thank you.

Conclusion: nobody reached the 40 maximum points (this was a HARD contest).

The winner of this contest is Michelle Delp, with a total of 8 points, and the runner up is Nancy Prevatt, with 4 points.  Thank you ladies for helping to spread the word about stillbirthday, and I will notify you each of your prize!

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