Their Oldest Brother

Told by: Gerri

I was twenty two when I found out I was pregnant, my boyfriend  decided he was leaving because he didn’t want children.  I was scared and wasn’t sure if I would be able to care for my baby so I looked into other avenues, although I never thought of aborting my child.  The pregnancy went well, the baby was growing inside me and seemed to be healthy, strong heartbeat….when I went in for my 7 month check up things went wrong, by then I knew I was havng a boy, he wasn’t moving as much and during my checkup they could not find his heart beat.  I had become more attached than I thought I could have to my son during this pregnancy and by this time I had decided that I would keep him and raise him the best I could.  Unfortuntely I would never get that chance.  I had to carry him inside me for an additional 2 days before they could get me in, the doctor’s induced my labor and I delivered him as a normal pregnancy, he was 21 inches long and only weighed 3 pounds.  After the delivery I held him and spoke to him to let him know that I truely loved him with all my heart, but his kidneys had never developed as well as other internal organs.  I have 3 beautiful children that are all grown now and are aware that they have an older brother who could not be with us.  I am at peace knowing that GOD had a reason and has since blessed me with healthy children.  My son will always be apart of my life and I  celebrate his birthday November 08 every year.   He is my angel.

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