A Tear Fell

Today ~ A Tear Fell

I rode by our old house by chance today And I just happened to look that way. For a moment, I saw myself pregnant holding my baby son in that front porch swing. However, that vision did not last for long.  Soon I remembered my baby son and daughter are gone.

Just when I thought I was doing so well, Before I knew it ~ a tear fell.

Then on Sunday as I sat in church I looked around and missed you so much. I saw other girls in their pretty dresses and boys in their Sunday suits. And I remembered my little babies were just as cute.


People all think I’m doing well; They don’t know today ~ a tear fell.

When I am reminded of what might have been, when life catches me off guard, That’s when I seem to be hit so hard. It seems all thoughts lead back to you, Matthew and Laura. I take each day and try to get through,

They say time makes it better, but I cannot tell; I only know today ~ a tear fell.


contributed by Robin

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