Early Pregnancy Hospital Birth Plan

This includes the following birth methods: artificial induction (medication) –  methotrexate (for ectopic/tubal pregnancies) – laparoscopy (for ectopic/tubal pregnancies) –  D&CD&E

Printable Birth Plan Document:

Early Pregnancy Hospital Birth Plan (click to view, edit and print)

Things To Know:

  • Because this plan covers different medically assisted birth methods, specifics to particular birth methods will be noted.
  • This plan is appropriate for pregnancies about 19 weeks and under.  We also have a birth plan for weeks 20 to 30.

Helpful Tips:

  • Check out our listing of local professionals and volunteers willing to support you through the process
  • Consider special farewell words or music.
  • Also include a personalized farewell celebration.
  • Ask for your ultrasound photos, or visit a local Crisis Pregnancy Center that performs ultrasounds, and ask if you can have one last photo of your baby.
  • If your baby still has a heartbeat, consider using your cell phone or other recordable device, and record the doppler’s sounds of your baby’s heartbeat.  You can then add this to a Build-A-Bear as a momento.
  • More momento and special ideas are listed in the birth plan.
  • If after the birth, you experience pain, fever, bleeding that fills a pad sooner than an hour, clotting, or a foul odor, please see your care provider immediately.
  • Our birth education section has additional information that may prove useful to you.
  • Please visit our link on general postpartum health (your emotional and physical health after delivery).

How far along are you?  Do you want to know the last developments of your baby?

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