Threatened Miscarriage

If your doctor told you that you are having a threatened miscarriage, you should know:

Many mothers with threatened miscarriage go on to have a complete pregnancy.

It is better to find and treat health problems (particularly systemic ones) before you get pregnant than to wait until you’re already pregnant.

Miscarriages are less likely if you receive early, comprehensive prenatal care and avoid environmental hazards such as x-rays, drugs and alcohol, high levels of caffeine, and infectious diseases.  Being obese or having uncontrolled diabetes can increase your risk for miscarriage.

The use of progesterone is controversial. It might relax smooth muscles, including the muscles of the uterus. However, it also might increase the risk of an incomplete miscarriage or an abnormal pregnancy. Unless there is a luteal phase defect, progesterone should not be used.

The use of false unicorn root (or other herbs such as cramp bark) is also controversial.  It is said to help “normalize” gynecological concerns with the uterus, including preventing miscarriage.  This native US herb is said to help facilitate the release of hormones by the ovaries.  Despite the claims to prevent miscarriage, there are warnings against using this herb in pregnancy.  Please consult with your medical provider before attempting to use any herbs or other non-medical resources to sustain your pregnancy.

You may be told to avoid or restrict some forms of activity. Not having sexual intercourse is usually recommended until the warning signs have disappeared.

Remember A+B+C = abdominal pain, bleeding, cramping.  These three together are signs of a probable miscarriage.

Are you experiencing additional signs of miscarriage?

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