Symptoms of Miscarriage

These are symptoms of a possible miscarriage, derived from many sources throughout the internet.

  • Mild to severe back pain
  • Abdominal cramping, much more intense than menstrual cramping
  • Discolored, pink cervical mucus
  • Drop in pregnancy symptoms (this can be difficult to assess in early pregnancy)
  • Bleeding: brown or red (up to 30% of pregnancies may have some bleeding, with about half of those going on to have full term deliveries
  • Any sized tissue or clots passing from the vagina
  • Remember A+B+C = abdominal pain, bleeding, cramping.  These three together are signs of a possible miscarriage.

If you are experiencing any of these, please contact your healthcare professional immediately.   They can assure you of what is happening in your pregnancy.

Our article on Inevitable (or Incomplete) Miscarriage gives helpful tips if you plan on visiting your emergency room to diagnose your possible miscarriage.

Or you can click here to go back to the different kinds of pregnancy loss.

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