Photo 8 Week Gestation Baby

8 weeks

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However you treated the least of my brothers or sisters, you treated me,” says the Lord.

Matthew 25:40 

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2 Responses to Photo 8 Week Gestation Baby

  1. Thank you for this, I know it is hard for us mothers to see what our children looked like when they departed us so young but I needed this today as this is the 3 year anniversary of finding out that my 8 week old fetus had passed away

  2. Laura Weinberg says:

    Thank you for posting these photos, even if they are somewhat difficult (sad) to see. At the same time, I would like to share that the tiny little, seemingly formless baby looks so much more “3 dimensional” while still in the placenta — I had the amazing experience of delivering our baby without him or her leaving his little universe of waters, and as long as he was there I was able to notice very easily the little arms, little legs, and special little face. May God bless each tiny “rosebud baby”.

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